The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

D. James Kennedy

THE ORIGINAL VERSION SAID, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." It might now say, "The hand that rocks the cradle must not be very talented or it would find something more interesting to do." Motherhood may not be an easy job, but it's a task that can and has changed the course of history.

The Influence of Mothers on Notable People

The world has never before seen the demeaning of motherhood that we see in our society today. During the last quarter century, motherhood has been interpreted for us through the eyes of the radical feminist. But consider the words of some very notable individuals.

John Quincy Adams: "All that I am, my mother made me."

Abraham Lincoln: "All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." Thomas Edison: "If it had not been for my mother's appreciation and her faith in me at a critical time in my experience, I would never have become an inventor."

Timothy is probably the most exemplary second generation Christian in the New Testament. Paul said, "I have no man like unto him, who just naturally cares for others." Paul also said that it was the faith of his grand mther Lois and his mother Eunice that was the faith of Timothy as well.

George Washington, the father of our country, was molded by the prayers and pious teaching of his mother. A politician and president, he grew to be a man of uncommon character. The beauty of his character was greatly shaped by his mother's influence.

Abraham Lincoln's mother died when he was eight or nine years old, but her impact on his life was great. He was known as "Honest Abe." Whenever he was tempted to do wrong he could still clearly remember his mother's voice, as he sat upon her knee saying, "Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not bear false witness,"

To say Susanna Wesley was a busy mother is an understatement; she had 17 children! Even though there wasn't anywhere to go to get away from the children, she still spent an hour every day in prayer. She would sit down in a chair and throw her big apron over her head; that was her prayer closet. The children knew to be quiet while Mama was praying.

Real Fulfillment

We've been told that motherhood is demeaning and that if women want to find fulfillment, they have to get out of the home and into the marketplace. We're told that the best thing to do with your children is to leave them with state agencies and go out and make your fortune.

If you look back at the sitcoms of the 1950's and early 60's, you'll notice that most of them took place in the home -- that's where the action was. Home was a place of significance. But the sitcoms since then are set in the workplace for the most part. They take place in hospitals, police stations, restaurants, lawyers' offices -- anyplace but the home. What are they saying? "Home is not where it's at."

The Feminist Movement Has Been a Failure

It seems people might be finally awakening to the error of feminist thinking. Even Betty Friedan, the architect of women's rebellion against the ordinances of God, has confessed that it has been a failure. She says that the feminist movement has finally come to the place where women are "having second thoughts about their careers while desperately trying to have a baby before it's too late.

There are also a number of books out today written by ex-feminists who said they finally discovered that the marketplace isn't really where it's at. Syndicated columnist Joan Beck says, "The most compelling reason why so many fast-tracked women drop out or slow down is that their priorities change. They discover, usually to their surprise, that it's more satisfying and important to do a personal job of mothering a small child that to make a 2% gain over last year's sales in the packaging division of Widget, Inc. Small children love back, printouts do not."

God Knew Children Needed Their Mothers

In the New Testament, we read that those women who are older in the faith are to teach the young women to be keepers at home. That's because God knows children need their mothers; they need the emotional care, comfort, and support that only mothers can give. And they need mothers to impart their values. When you dump kids by the carload into community day care centers, you have the state conveying values to the children. An inevitable aspect of tyranny is having a single, monolithic, conveyor of values to children. Mothers need to be conveying values. When they are not there to do it, we see the kinds of problems we've been seeing in our society lately.

Children At Risk

The census bureau points out that children living with only one parent are much more likely to be living in poverty. The Rockford Institute tells us that higher suicide rates are found among families with unmarried or divorced parents. Childhood delinquency and crime are much higher in broken homes and homes where mothers work away from the family and are not able to take care of the children.

Mothering Has Enormous Significance

Mothers, realize that what you're doing has enormous significance! Don't be deceived and misled by the so-called wisdom of the world. Stay home and train your children, and convey to them the values and morals that you hold. Love them and pray for them. The hand of a praying mother has been quite influential in affecting the world.

One of the most important things you can do for your child is to love your husband. Many children today fear that their parents are going to get divorced. They seem to take it with stoic calmness, but researchers have found that this is one of the deepest fears that children have. Tell your children that's not going to happen to your family. Tell them that you're going to preserve your family and you're going to stay together. That's what Christ wants you to do, and your children should know that.

There's no greater blessing than a godly, praying mother. There are probably few worse handicaps for a child than a mother who is ungodly and unpraying. Are you a godly and Christian parent: Have you surrendered your life to Christ? Parents who have not accepted Christ need to realize that they're not only putting their own eternal welfare at risk, they're putting the souls of their children at risk. Many unChristian parents will have the dubious joy of having their children with them in hell forever.

Show Your Children Your Love

John the apostle said, "Let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth." Words are certainly necessary, but they must be backed up by action. Even if you're in the difficult position of single parenting, your child needs to see that he or she is the most important thing in the world to you. Mothers, work in the marketplace will come and go and soon be forgotten, but your children will be a lasting, living memory of the importance you place on them. As Teddy Roosevelt said, "Mothers are the most precious asset of any nation."

(The Hand That Rocks The Cradle D. James Kennedy. Truths That Transform. Aired 05/12/89)

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